Clamps Assembly Options

Assembly Options

Clymer Coulters and Clark Agricultural Equipment products are made to mount to nearly any manufacturer’s equipment. The wide variety of sizes and mounting options makes attaching coulter units easy, fast and reliable in the fields.

Standard Clamp assembly options for all coulters include clamp plates ranging from 4” to 7” in length. Clamps are cast for years of reliability and include rust-resistant E-KOTED 5/8” diameter UBolts. All nuts and lock washers are DorrelTech Coated for toughness.

Standard Anti-Twist clamp assemblies include the same rust-resistant E-Koting finish on 5/8” diameter UBolts with the addition of anti-twist clamps designed grip and not let go. Sizes include 6×4, 7×5 and 7×7 versions.

1×3 Shank Anti-Twist Clamp assemblies offer a heavy-duty 1×3 shank. Special 5/8” diameter, E-KOTED square UBolts secure toolbar. Sizes include 6×4, 7×5 and 7×7 to fit any toolbar.

N-341 Clamp assembly options include drilled, cast clamps and clamp plates ranging in size from 2-1/2” – 7”. Bolts, nuts and lock washers are zinc-plated for many years of service. These clamps grip the toolbar with a ½” split lock washer and 5/8” grade-5 set bolt.